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  Dog Walking 
No matter how young or old your little friend is, a well exercised pet enjoys a longer, active and healthier life, therefore needing fewer trips to the vet!
Here at DoggieVentures we like to take your dog out usually in small groups and visit places such as Arthers Seat, Portobello beach, Musselburgh, Cammo, Cramond and Inverleith.
We have morning and afternoon walks. Collection/drop off times are currently between 10am and 1pm for the morning walk and 1pm - 4pm for the afternoon walk.
  Dog Sitting 
Afraid of having to put your loved one into a kennel or having to rely on a neighbour to pop in daily, well why not let them stay at home and allow us to check in on them? This will give you peace of mind not worrying whether or not your dog might get the dreaded kennel cough! We will let your dog out, exercise them, play with them, feed and water them, and try and keep everything as normal while you are away. As an added bonus we can even send you a free photo of your pooch either to your phone or email address.
Puppy Day Care
Having to leave a young dog at home can be very upsetting for both them and yourself. We can come and collect your puppy in the morning and then bring him back at a suitable time for you. While he/she is in our care we will try and maintain basic training such as toilet training and basic commands . They can also interact with other dogs and cats which have all been inoculated, to help them with their socializing skills which will be an essential part in their growing up.
Places are very limited so please book in advance.
  Doggie Taxi 
If you're tired of waiting around trying to find someone who is willing to take your pooch to the vet, groomers, new house, never fear, for a very reasonable price we can arrange this for you and whether it be the vets or elsewhere, we will report back to you any important information required.
Local or national transit can be arranged.
07828537266                                 : doggieventures@yahoo.co.uk
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