Small Pets 
We are able to feed, water, clean and fuss for any type of smaller pet/s you may have. This can include rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, birds, mice, rats, chinchillas, snakes - other reptiles and amphibians, and anything else furry or feathered.  This is usually done in the comfort of your own home as not to stress the animals by making them travel, however we do have a few limited places if you wish to put them in one of our carers home whilst you are away.                           Prices
  Equine Care 
With over ten years experience with owning my own horses, we can help you with feeding, water change, mucking out, haynets filled, rug changes and general grooming such as hooves being picked out.
All horses needs can be catered for and done just like you would yourself. Like any other animal, horses become accustom to routine and i know myself horses can be very time consuming so whether its the odd day you need help with or if you are away on holidays, let us take some pressure off you and keep your best friend happy.            Prices
  Key collection 
After our first consultation you will have the option of leaving us with a spare set of keys so we can gain access to your house to enable us to look after your pets. These will be carefully marked with your pets initials and locked away safely when not in use.
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